Textile Technology


Water Repellent & Freeze Resistant. The water repellent technology we use is extremely durable and long lasting, it also makes the masks freeze resistant.

UPF 50+ Sun-Protection

Leave the sunscreen at home! Our polyester/spandex blended fabric provides UPF 50+ sun protection and blocks 99% of harmful UV Rays


Phunkshun Wear® products have been treated with a microbe-inhibiting odor-control tech application that helps maintain that ‘new mask smell’ longer.

Multi-Wear Style

The Single Tube is more than just a facemask, it can be worn in a handful of useful ways to truly be considered a multi-season piece of gear.

Breathable Knit Fabric

We don’t cut holes in our products because we’ve sourced a fabric that breathes! No one likes tiny wind tunnels directing freezing air into their mouths or skin.


Thermo Phleece is a high-loft polyester fleece featuring thermal properties for increased heat retention. Basically, it’s really, really warm.

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Phunkshun Wear® products are OSFM and stretch to fit many different cranium shapes and sizes.

Moisture Wicking

Our fabric wicks moisture and sweat away from your skin to warm when its cold and cool when its warm.

Helmet Friendly

Designed to be compatible with helmets, for some models this means under, others it means over.

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