The Phunkshun Wear® Ballerclava® product line now mirrors our best-selling Neck Tube product line, featuring a single material option (the Convertible), a mesh-lined Double-Baller, and a Polartec® Classic 100® Polar Fleece lined Thermal-Baller for the coldest of days!

The Phunkshun Wear® Convertible Ballerclava® provides increased functionality through its hinged design. Easily move the bottom half of the mask on/off your face to instantly adjust to weather changes, drink cocoa, or for a quick makeout.

The Double and Thermal Ballerclavas® can be used for more than just skiing or snowboarding, they are the perfect compliment for most winter activities from snowshoeing to snowmobiling. We put the water repellant double tube construction around your neck/face, lined it with mesh, and added a hood for the perfect integration when wearing a helmet or hat.

The best part about this mask is that it’s without a doubt the WARMEST product we make! Combining the best parts of different mask styles, we created the ultimate product for maintaining warmth. Also available in Child Size to keep your little one covered up.